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Slide In Their DMs Thursdays #IDDCslideintheirDMs

Slide In Their DMs Thursdays #IDDCslideintheirDMs

Slide In Their DMs was created in November 2015 by I DON’T DO CLUBS founder Genese Jamilah. While attending an event for the LoveMikeNia Foundation, Inc., a single I DON’T DO CLUBS reader asked Genese to post his photo on I DON’T DO CLUBS’ Instagram page in an effort to get single women to direct message him. Genese obliged and Slide In Their DMs born!

Since then, we’ve posted over 1,500 photos of single Black professionals looking for love (or like)! Each Thursday, we’ll select six singles to be featured on our website and social media pages. Check out this week’s singles below!

#IDDCslideintheirdms with @Schina28!
33 years old
Charlotte, NC

Kelsey Stone #IDDC
#IDDCslideintheirDMs with @itskstone!
25 years old
Chicago, Illinois

#IDDCslideintheirDMs with @niecey_poo2!
32 years old
Unit Secretary
Kansas City, MO

#IDDCslideintheirDMs with @chasityscooper!
28 years old
Communications Strategist
Washington, DC

Screenshot 2017-04-03 08.08.16 copy
#IDDCslideintheirDMs with @Gustavo_fit!
33 years old
Startup Consultant
Boston, MA

nubiansweet photo
#IDDCslideintheirDMs with @nubiansweet!
29 years old
Training & Development Associate
San Francisco, CA

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Genese Jamilah Genese Jamilah is the I DON'T DO CLUBS Founder and New York City Influencer. She is a graduate of Savannah State University. Genese Jamilah enjoys writing things down & making them happen, dinner & drinks with friends, and sharing inappropriate memes in her free time. Follow her @idontdoclubs on FacebookInstagramSnapChat, and Twitter.


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