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New York City’s Secret Is Out

New York City’s Secret Is Out

Day parties (especially Must Love Beards *wink wink*) are cool but sometimes you just wanna chill with people you already know (or people your people already know). Enter Secret Picnic Party.

Last summer, a group of Black professionals launched the Secret Picnic Party in New York City. They invited their friends to save the date, who invited their friends and so on and so forth. 24 hours before the date, the hosts emailed everyone the secret location. Hundreds of Blacks professionals gathered in parks to lay out in the sun, meet new people, and play games. This year, that same group is taking Secret Picnic Party on the road. Check out what stops they’re making.


Secret Picnic Party 2016


Secret Picnic Party 2016


Hope to see you at the next Secret Picnic Party! Follow Secret Picnic Party on Instagram at @secretpicnicparty.

This post has been sponsored by Secret Picnic Party.

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